Alex Gama (1950 - )

Trama XXXIV (1996)
Pattern XXXIV

Wood engraving on Japanese paper
height: 49cm
width: 49cm

Donated by Alex Gama 1999


Alex Gama incises wood with the delicacy - and the tools - of the metal engraver, subjecting the wood blocks to a formal, material and conceptual transformation. This print belongs to the series Tramas, which skilfully merge the intellectual selection of Constructivist signs with a unique sensibility for the natural material employed in the process: cedar wood. His technique marries the traditions implicit in the medium with a language born from the concerns of modern art, deploying rhythm, tonality and shadow as the sole narrative. Squares, triangles, angles and rays coexist to form a grid that relates to the natural grain of the block.

Gabriela Salgado, 2008

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