Anna Letycia (1929 - )

Composição mista (1992)
Mixed Composition

Dry point on paper
height: 22cm
width: 32cm

Donated by Museus Castro Maya 1995


Composição mista includes two snail shells alongside less obvious gestural forms. The shell implies the opposition of inside and outside, mirrored by the stark contrasts between dark and light, although the mid-tones created by the aquatint process suggest something in between these two poles. The snail shell has been recurrent motif in Anna Letycia’s works since the 1950s when she studied under Oswaldo Goeldi and Iberê Camargo. In 1959 Letycia attended Ateliê de Gravura at the Museo de Arte Moderno in Rio de Janeiro (MAM/RJ) directed by Edith Behring, and taught there after Rossini Perez’s departure in 1961. In the same year she also taught in Chile and Ecuador.

Ian Dudley, 2011

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