aruma - Sandra De Berduccy (1976 - )


    This series features a selection of Bolivian banknotes that were in circulation until the beginning of the decade of the 1980s; a time when Bolivia returned to democracy after eighteen consecutive years under dictatorship. The nascent and fragile Bolivian democracy faced a very difficult economic and socio-political crisis, as the country was broke, plagued by hyperinflation, ravaged by a scarcity of products and long queues. Bolivians remember that money, including banknotes, continually lost its value with every passing day.

    For this work, I intervened in several notes using a technique commonly used by textile-makers in the Andes. For the weaving process, weavers need several temporal, auxiliary, transversal bands, which are removed once the weave is complete. In this sequence, a current 100 Bolivian Peso banknote slowly replaces the old 100 Bolivian Peso bill.

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