Carla Guagliardi (1956 - )


    The work donated to ESCALA is actually a smaller version of an installation included in the exhibition 'Possível Imagem'. I do not exactly consider my works in, or as, series; but certainly, within my trajectory, this work provoked important questions.

    I remember at the opening of 'Possível Imagem', one interviewer asked me what materials I used, and I responded, without giving it much thought, plastic, iron, water and time (!). In that same moment I gained insight into what I was attempting to do, to express time's material dimension or vice versa: to express material's temporal dimension. In a certain way this still has a relationship with the questions that I address in my work today: temporality, and its constant interference with the space of our perception.

    In terms of affinities or influences, I would consider Lygia Clark and Hélio Oiticica as having set my parameters, not only mine, but also those of many artists who came onto the Brazilian artistic scene after them. I would also cite land-art and arte povera as movements that, for me, provoked important questions. And I consider it invaluable to have contact with Brazilian artists of the next generation: their work, and their conversation, is consistently revealing.

    Carla Guagliardi

    Translated from the original Portuguese by Isobel Whitelegg


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