Carlos Colombino (1937 - 2013)

Formas de simulacro IV (1995)
Forms of Simulacrum IV

Etching on paper
height: 78cm
width: 99cm

Donated by Carlos Colombino 1996


Formas de Simulacro picks up on the woody theme that runs through so much of Colombino's work. An earlier work from the series in the Museo Paraguayo de Arte Contemporáneo entitled Pasión y Simulacro of 1993 is a wooden sculpture in the form of a x-shaped cross. In the etching in ESCALA one of the diagonals of such a cross is suggested in the disjointed fragments. Elements that could be a limb or post and appear and disappear within a framework that combines architectural and landscape elements. The word 'simulacrum' has ambiguous connotations in both Spanish and English, suggesting something that is a representation of the divine, an idea or fantasy, but also a mere appearance, a pretence or a falsehood. Representational art carries with it precisely this baggage of ideas and Colombino here exploits the tension between a sense, if not quite of the sacredness, at least of the significance of these forms and the illusion of volume they create on what is also, explicitly, a flat sheet of paper.

Valerie Fraser, 2008

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