Carlos Hermosilla (1905 - 1991)

Retrato de Pablo Neruda
Portrait of Pablo Neruda

Woodcut on paper
height: 18cm
width: 14cm

On loan from Ruby Reid Thompson


Carolos Hermosilla was an influential printer and poet based around Valparaíso. Retrato de Pablo Neruda is a sombre portrayal of Chilean Nobel Prize winning poet, Pablo Neruda, who was a friend of the artist. Neruda was a committed communist and this woodcut was among a series of portraits of leftwing icons, including Bertold Brecht and Che Guevara, which Hermosilla made in 1973. This was the year of Neruda’s death from cancer, which occurred just days after the US-backed military coup in which the army violently overthrew the democratically elected socialist government of Salvador Allende, with whom Neruda had collaborated closely.

(Display caption from the exhibition Southern Press: Prints from Brazil, Paraguay and Chile, firstsite, 2011-2012)

Ian Dudley, 2011

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