Claudia Aranovich (1956 - )

Estandarte I (1999)
Banner I

Fibreglass, resin and photocopy
height: 116cm
width: 56cm

Donated by Claudia Aranovich 1999


Having previously worked in wood and metal, Claudia Aranovich began to use transparent fibreglass and resin in the late 1990s. She was attracted to the fluid quality of this material and its ability to both absorb light and to contain or suspend fragments of other materials and objects. She has used resin to produce different series of works that are variously cone-shaped, concave and circular. Often split at the surface, or broken up with crack-like tracings of human hair, they recall the recesses, curves and surfaces of the human body. This work belongs to a series of 'banners', which resemble both scrolls of parchment and the surface of the skin. This banner contains minute fragments of handwritten notes and locks of hair.

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