Cristina Pape (1953 - )

Livro No. 1 (1999)
Book No. 1

Varnish, gold leaf and gesso on book
height: 28cm
width: 45cm

Donated by Cristina Pape 2000


''Christina Pape's gold book is a spectacularly beautiful object. We are confronted with a book which does not even pretend to communicate by language or script but by its pure materiality. It denies the possibility of content, transforming an object of little or no material value or interest into something where the only interest is material and where the material in question is traditionally extremely valuable. In fact the material is not quite tangible either - the corporeal book is only implied by the reflective and therefore intangible surface. It is like a religious relic, the gold leaf applied as a mark of veneration, to encase the object in a precious shroud. And like relics, it is not the enshrined object itself which is precious but the idea which it represents.''

Valerie Fraser, 2001

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