Daniel Senise (1955 - )

Tres caminos (1995)
Three Paths

Oil and mixed media on canvas
width: 267cm
height: 193cm

Donated by Daniel Senise 1996


''Tres Caminos belongs to a group of paintings with the same title, which feature identical curvilinear webs of lines. The origin of these lines is in three diagrams of the flight paths of boomerangs, which Senise found by chance. There are three separate trajectories, repeated twice, which issue from and return to the same point. The sinuous looping lines, records of pure movement, are like metaphors of the painter's gesture, fixed on the canvas not only in paint, but also with the addition of rust. The effect is of suspension, between stasis and action. In this canvas, Senise suspends the six loops between two half-length silhouettes, giving the illusion of communication, although the trajectories are closed circuits. The solid blocks of the girls' profiled figures are created from the remnants of rusted metal template, a kind of readymade, repeatable form. Senise extends painting beyond its traditional resources of oil on canvas: his surfaces are dense and layered, often with traces of odd materials from the studio floor such as iron and dust. Constructions as much as paintings, they explore with apparent simplicity diverse modes of representation.''

Dawn Ades, 2000

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