Diana Laurencich (1963 - )

Encierro (1988)

Acrylic on paper
height: 55cm
width: 74cm

Donated by Roque de Bonis 1993


This work from 1988 is characteristic of Laurencich's work in its vitality and its use of strong colours. It is impossible not to be aware of the artist's physical engagement with the paper, of the energy but also the precision of the gestures of which the marks on the paper are a material record. Laurencich rarely titles her works preferring to let people discover their own significances in her paintings. Encierro is an exception but here too the spectator has to decide between different possible interpretations. In Spanish, as a noun, 'encierro' means enclosure or prison, but as a verbal form it can mean 'I enclose' or imprison or contain. In the painting the black bars seem to struggle to contain the red disk and the overlaid blocks and strokes of colour create depth and substance within the flat surface of the paper.

Valerie Fraser, 2008

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