Eduardo Kac (1962 - )


    Holo/Olho (Holo/Eye), the first holopoem (1983) is a combination of anagrams in which the word 'holo' mirrors 'olho' and vice-versa. The mirroring effect, however, was conceived so that fragments of the poem would contain enough letters to form both holo and eye. The arrangement of letters in space was holographed five times; each hologram was fragmented and the five holograms were reassembled in a new visual unit. The use of upper [O] and lower case [o] letters in a particular spatial arrangement contributes to visually evoke multiple pairs of eyes. This holopoem recreated, in its own syntax, a structure that corresponds to the holographic model, according to which the information of the whole is contained in the part and vice-versa.

    Eduardo Kac


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