F Marquespenteado (1955 - )

Untitled (2002)

Digital print on paper
height: 43cm
width: 30cm
Photographic Installation

Donated by F Marquespenteado 2003


f.marquespenteado's voluntary involvement with the Prison Service resulted in the development of a project entitled Prison Speech (2002) for which the Prison Vernacular series is a precedent. Out of a prison employment programme run by the charity Fine Cell Work f.marquespenteado developed a series of more creative workshops. These workshops recreated the oral traditional of the sewing-circle, with inmates giving accounts of their experiences on the inside which were they then made into sewed drawings.

While carrying out the workshops, and as research for his own work, f.marquespenteado interviewed inmates and officers in their cells and work spaces. Displayed in a pre-determined cycle, this series of photographs relates his intimate insight into the everyday life of Wandsworth prison, and also creates a common architectural vernacular out of the interior spaces of the prison.

Isobel Whitelegg, 2008

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