Fernando Arias (1963 - )

La Historia de Arias (1998)
The Story of Arias

Book and metal
height: 45cm
width: 18cm

Donated by Fernando Arias 1999


La Historia de Arias is an ironic subversion of one of the most famous modern art history books: Ernst Gombrich's The Story of Art, first published in 1950 and still a cornerstone of the Phaidon publishing house. A recent edition is presented bolted shut: a symbolic gesture that challenges its significance and utility. The book is supported by metal poles and on top of it rests La Historia de Arias. The latter is a smaller publication; imitating an appendix to Gombrich's book, it replicates the cover of the original but inside it reproduces Arias' own work. The transformation of Gombrich's book from bible of art history into a plinth upon which Arias' own book is supported constitutes a caustic critique of Gombrich's Eurocentric and linear documentation of the history of art.

Yuli Karatsiki, 2008

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