Fernando Escobar Neira (1973 - )


    Some thoughts on Elegance de Paris

    My intention with this project was not to disingenuously or naively oppose established myths of high and low. Instead, I proposed taking not the totality of culture and its assumptions, but its products, specific situations [...]

    By not looking at culture generally, it was possible to comprehend how each circuit crosses itself through diverse experiences of reality that touch on human ‘fundamentals’: life, death, emotion, sex, gender, status, power... The question I asked was, 'How is cultural production retold in different camps of society?' [...]

    I am interested in the idea and the practice of a transversal resistance (Foucault). For example, the first world as seen from the third, centres in peripheries, the anachronism within the advanced position, the sign of the other and of that which is other, the unresolved/unfinished democratic truth [...]

    One may begin by trying to invert the flow of the construction of all of the social representations that have been impregnated by interminable ideological mannerisms; for example, opposition to the secret, to the lack of circulation of knowledge and learning: fighting forms of subjection. Elegance de Paris is a form of potential resistance against the submission of subjectivity.

    Fernando Escobar Neira, Bogotá

    Translated and abridged from the original Spanish by Jennifer Josten


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