Fernando Escobar Neira (1973 - )

Elegance de Paris (2001)
Parisian Elegance

Dimensions: variable

Photographic Installation

Donated by Fernando Escobar Neira 2002


The photographs for this installation were taken in a 'love' hotel (a hotel used for prostitution) in Bogotá, Colombia. The hotel's mirrors and gold and red furniture imitate the lavish interiors of the royal palace at Versailles, Paris. This aesthetic characterises the décor of many such hotels in Bogotá, giving them (according to their owners) an air of distinction, an elégance. The artist takes special care to show this space revealingly. In each photograph the repetitive use to which these apparently sophisticated rooms are put is betrayed by sanitised details. Another boundary is crossed by the installation of the photographs; simulating a room, the visitor is invited to experience firsthand, and confront, these 'secret' places.

Maria Clara Bernal, 2008

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