Fernando Montes (1930 - 2007)


    My work Shadow of the Moon has its origin in a drawing I made in Tiwanaku in Bolivia, my country. The ruins of this millenarian culture include the Gateway of the Sun which is much better known (to such an extent that there is a replica in the Musée de L'Homme in Paris) and the Gateway of the Moon, which is smaller and simpler. In pre-Columbian culture the Sun and the Moon were especially venerated and it was said that gold was the tears of the Sun and silver the tears of the Moon. In this poetic image one can also identify veneration for these celestial bodies.
    My work, which is of tempera on canvas, has its origin in a drawing of the Gateway of the Moon which projected a long shadow. Working on this image in my studio in London, on a large scale, the picture itself suggested the title to me, which turned out to be very appropriate. I felt that which can be felt in the Andes and also in Japan, this ancestral veneration which is in oneself, despite the centuries of Christianity: a feeling of power and happiness. Thus I experienced it.

    Excerpt of letter from Fernando Montes, 12 January 2005

    Translated from the original Spanish by Valerie Fraser

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