Hertha Henriette Hiebl (1948 - )

El tereré (1991)
Cold mate tea

Woodcut on paper
height: 29cm
width: 37cm

Donated by Hertha Henriette Hiebl 1996


In El Tereré of 1991, as in La Chipera, Hertha Hiebl illustrates an aspect of traditional life in rural Paraguay using a deliberately bold, popular style. The three men in the foreground are sharing a jar of tereré, a cold water version of the mate tea commonly found elsewhere in South America. The tereré is contained in a vessel called a guampa, traditionally made from a bull's horn, and is sipped through a tube or bombilla of silver or tin. The arrangement of the figures gives the event an almost sacramental character, reflecting the importance that the consumption of tereré and mate has in Paraguayan culture.

Valerie Fraser, 2008

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