Hertha Henriette Hiebl (1948 - )

La chipera (1993)

Woodcut on paper
height: 30.5cm
width: 29cm

Donated by Hertha Henriette Hiebl 1996


In this woodcut of 1993 Hiebl uses the simple clarity of a popular art style to represent a scene from popular culture. Chipasare traditional Paraguayan bread-like rolls made of manioc flour, cheese, egg and milk and the Chipera carries on her head a tray full of chipas tied in a cloth. Presumably she and the other chiperas have come to sell their wares to the workmen with wheelbarrows. Hiebl, like others of her generation, emphasises the contrast between the subtle texture of the natural grain of the woodblock and the sharp-edged imagery she cuts into it.

Valerie Fraser, 2008

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