Humberto Jaimes Sánchez (1930 - 2003)

Figura y frutas (2000)
Figure and Fruits

Oil on canvas
height: 96cm
width: 60cm

Donated by Barbara Croisdale-Appleby on behalf of the Fundación Humberto Jaimes Sánchez 2012


Figura y frutas (Figure and Fruits), from 2000, is a late painting by Humberto Jaimes Sánchez and important in marking a transition from his landscapes of the period from 1990 to 2000 towards more figurative works. Jaimes Sánchez lived in Caracas but was from the town of San Cristóbal in the state of Táchira in the Andean region of Venezuela. This mountainous region is noted for its brightly painted buildings and rich, colourful landscapes. This painting, with its vibrant blues and greens contrasted with bleached whites, recalls the intense quality of light and colour at altitude. The abtracted central figure with three fruits simultaneously forms part of the landscape and sits within it. Other paintings from this period similarly mix landscape-like planes of colour with objects such as apples or the moon and, in their titles, remember the artist’s earlier paintings and his place of origin.

Joanne Harwood

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