José Pedro Costigliolo (1902 - 1985)

Cuadrados y rectángulos (1970)
Squares and Rectangles

Acrylic on paper
height: 46cm
width: 46cm

Donated by María Freire 1994


In this painting on paper from Costigliolo's Cuadrados y rectángulos series the geometric rectilinear shapes are mainly black against a brightly coloured background. It was during the 1970s that Costigliolo inverted his earlier process, inspired by seeing French stained glass, of depicting coloured shapes against black to black shapes against a coloured background. This inversion, along with the inclusion of two hollow rectilinear forms creates an ambiguity for the viewer as to which blocks of colour are objects and which are the background. This conundrum contributes to instability in the space or depth suggested in the painting resulting in fluctuations in perception as the viewer's eye scans the surface.

Rebecca Wills, 2008

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