José Pedro Costigliolo (1902 - 1985)

Triángulos 102 (de la serie Triángulos) (1978)
Triangles 102 (from the series Triangles)

Acrylic on paper
height: 40cm
width: 40cm

Donated by Maria Freire 1995


Triángulos 102 of 1978 is a late work by Costigliolo where the rectilinear shapes of the slightly earlier series of Cuadrados y rectángulos have been replaced with acutely angled triangles but the effect is similar: the geometric shapes are mainly solid black elements while the coloured areas produce ambiguous spaces which refuse to be read simply as either objects or space but flick from one to the other as the eye roams the painting. The single 'hollow' triangle with an orange centre that seems to spill out creates a special spatial ambiguity but throughout the work the ambiguous figure/ground relations increase the sensation of a dynamic explosion in space.

Rebecca Wills, 2008

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