Josefina Auslender (1959 - )


    My attention is usually caught by the simple circumstances of life that the everyday world contains. In a way I seek to transfer to paper or canvas all the things that surround life and that meet its countenance: a curtain shifted by a breeze; a plain wall that suddenly isn't a wall anymore, but has become something else; a stone in a rapid; or a mirror in a train station surrounded by the continual rush of life. All of this and more I would like to show, giving viewers the opportunity to do their own work through a miracle produced by contemplation and communication. These possibilities make the work ever living and ever changing at the very instant someone is looking at it. What I'd like to do is to present people with a range of abstract images and give them the chance to see what they are most able to discover in it, bringing out, little by little, all of the feelings of aesthetic beauty and drama that life contains.

    [...] The door of a closet, the drawer of a bureau that doesn't close quite right, a curtain moved by the wind: all these open the floodgates of my unconscious and the imagination sets to work. For me, drawing is like chamber music. It has the rare qualities of intimacy through which I feel that I can cross into that intense region of soul in which the most serious and profound parts of our existence take place: love, hate, myth, dream, fantasy and, like a Mobius strip, the inside and the outside cross in an unending dance, between the artist and viewer, where images gradually move to reveal all the exotic beauty that life contains.

    Josefina Auslender


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