Katie van Scherpenberg (1940 - )


    Duna is a work from the beginning of the nineties. I was starting on a series I called Mummy I Promise to be Happy, and this is one of the very first works. The cloth stretched over the small piles of pigment is a piece of linen sheet that I still had from my marriage in the 1960s. The objective would be to stain this sheet with the pigments that I had chosen to paint with. When the work was finished, it was quite white. With the passing years it slowly became pink, and I believe (I haven't seen it since it left Rio in the nineties) it must be a reddish colour by now. Many of my works relate to a time-space problem in painting, as if foreseeing the changes and final destruction of a painting in spite of the desire for eternity. This can be achieved by gradually changing the colour through foreseeable reactions - such as in the case of Duna. The seashells at the bottom of the work are a reference to femininity, as the name Duna refers to some beach at the edge of an ocean.

    When I gave the work to the Essex collection, along with being interested in the reasons given to me as regards the forming of an important collection of South American Art in the University, other reasons came to mind. As a young child my family came to England (1942-1945). Later I studied in Sussex (The Beehive, 1954-57). Many of my earliest memories were forged in England and I'm grateful for them.

    Katie van Scherpenberg

    Rio de Janeiro


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