León Ferrari (1920 - 2013)

Cruzamento (1981-2000)

Blueprint on paper
height: 109cm
width: 103cm

Donated by León Ferrari 2001


Cruzamento is one of a number of works on paper from the series Arquitecturas de la locura (Architecture of Madness), each of which was made using ready-made characters representing men and women, seen from above and posed as if walking. Here their repetition creates an improbable situation, with diminutive people walking vertically and horizontally in a cross-like formation. Occasionally provoking criticism and censorship, Ferrari has used icons and references to Christianity throughout his career and this particular image evokes not only a physical 'crossing' but also the foremost symbol of Christianity: the Cross. As with the rest of the series, this work is a reproduction, made using heliography (a technique employed by architects to reproduce from blueprint plans). The original work can thus be multiplied ad infinitum, reflecting Ferrari's desire to make access to these architectures unlimited, and thus to excise any material value from their status as works of art.

Gabriela Salgado, 2008

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