León Ferrari (1920 - 2013)

Rua (1980-2000)

Blueprint on paper
height: 106cm
width: 279cm

Donated by León Ferrari 2001


From the same Arquitecturas de la locura (Architecture of Madness) series as Cidade and Bairro, Rua depicts a section of an imaginary city. In this, the largest work in the series, the image is more tightly focused, representing a single street. This is a Gods-eye perspective on a dwarfed city, hundreds of impossible situations are seen from above. This street contains corridors and rooms displaying fragments of hectic but incomprehensible life: rooms with beds at the centre are converted into places of pilgrimage or corporate meeting rooms; rows of people queue up to arrive while other rows of people seem to be simply waiting for something to happen; clusters of beds create cross-shaped patterns; identical figures sit round large board-room tables. Perhaps because of its size, this is a peculiarly powerful work. The loneliness and alienation suggested by the rest of the series are here more acute, as if one were intimate witness to the very heart of madness.

Gabriela Salgado, 2008

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