Maria Bonomi (1935 - )

Apoteose (1993)

Screen print on paper
height: 102cm
width: 137cm

Donated by Maria Bonomi 1995


This work, one of a series of prints entitled Apoteose (Apotheosis), is characteristic of Bonomi's approach to woodcut, the medium with which she has held a lifelong engagement. Bonomi breaks down the marks created on the wooden printing block by the gesture of cutting into a taxonomy of lines and textures; these are then reconfigured into compositions such as this one.

This work has been executed using screen-print, a process that allows the addition of layers and lines of colour. While becoming suggestively figurative, the final image retains evidence of its formative wood-cutting process. Here the black lines are wing-like, while the colours used at the centre transform chaotic cuts into a tangled, textured, straw-like ball of lines.

Isobel Whitelegg, 2008

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