Maria Bonomi (1935 - )

Untitled (2001)

Screen print on fabric
height: 105cm
width: 105cm

Donated by Maria Bonomi 2001


Always beginning with the process of woodcut, Maria Bonomi has, since the 1970s, investigated the effect of transposing printed images on to different supports. This series of three prints (or alternatively scarves) translates an earlier series of images on paper entitled hydra (2001) onto fabric. The organic, flower-like printed image points to the play between texture and image that has become a constant motif of Bonomi's visual language. Selecting lines and textures from the woodblock itself, Bonomi reconfigures them into compositions such as this. The final image points back to the process of cutting while also being suggestively figurative. Bonomi's works on fabric are often executed in monochromatic sets (white on black and the reverse), while her works on paper use screen-print and lithography to break the image into expressive areas of colour.

Isobel Whitelegg, 2008

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