María Ezcurra (1973 - )

Leopard Swimsuit (2001)

height: 71cm
width: 86cm

Donated by María Ezcurra 2004


Both Leopard Swimsuit and Blue Swimsuit, to be displayed as two and three-dimensional installations respectively, are part of an ongoing series by Maria Ezcurra, entitled Body of Work.

In Ezcurra's conception, the 'body of work' (the work of art) is at once physical reality, psychic construction, and socially interacting entity. When unpicked and stretched out on the wall, this leopard printed swimming costume becomes almost unrecognisable; the shape of its outline loses its relationship to the contours of the human body. At first glance, it is the skin of a hunted animal, pinned to the wall like a rare butterfly.

Ezcurra sees this series of textile works as a metaphor for the relationship between her inside self and the way she experiences the city as outside of this inner world. In this she considers the donning of clothes as a realm of experience in which one's self and the world conspire. Both evaluate who you are based on what you wear, enacting a quotidian type of performance in which identity and occupation is each day defined, undone and reassembled.

Carlos Molina, 2008

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