Mario Verandi (1960 - )

The Neighbouring Shore (1998)



Donated by Mario Verandi 1998


This piece consist of four successive soundscapes portraying different locations in Argentina recorded on CD. Environmental and abstract sound materials were manipulated and assembled on the computer to create a fabric of sonic images at the verge of recognition and ambiguity. These four soundscapes emerge and vanish one after the other like blurred memories of absent places and events.

Verandi's main aim in this work was to open up broad fields of associations through a sonic fabric that merges the real with the surreal. The piece falls into four sections or scenes. Each scene is associated with a Spanish text that metaphorically describes a personal moment related to the scene. The texts are from different Argentinian authors. Some texts were taken from books and others from popular songs.

The Neighbouring Shore was developed at the Electroacoustic Music Studios of the University of Birmingham. It was premiered during a Latin American Art Show held at the Bolivar Hall in London from 10th to 21st November 1998.

Mario Verandi, adapted by Valerie Fraser


Scene 1. ...a riverbank, children playing, birds, a boat in the distance...
Gurisito costero, duérmase, gurisito costero, duérmase, si se duerme mi amor crecerás junto al rio mi cielo serás buen pescador, serás buen pescador. by Linares Cardozo.
(Sleep little baby from the riverbank, sleep, if my sweetheart falls asleep you will grow up by the river my sweet heaven, you'll be a good fisherman, you'll be a good fisherman.)

Scene 2. ...a rainy day in a small town, thunders, cars passing by, a dog barking in the distance...
Curioso que la gente crea que tender una cama es exactamente lo mismo que tender una cama, que dar la mano es siempre lo mismo que dar la mano, que abrir una lata de sardinas es abrir al infinito la misma lata de sardinas by Julio Cortázar.
(Strange that people believe that making a bed is exactly the same as making a bed, that shaking hands is always the same as shaking hands, that to open a tin of sardines is to open eternally the same tin of sardines.)

Scene 3. ...a harbour, the sea, a woman...
Muchacha ojos de papel adonde vas, quédate hasta el alba. Muchacha piel de rayón, no corras mas, quédate hasta el alba. by L.A. Spinetta.
(Girl of the paper eyes where are you going, stay till dawn. Girl skin of rayon, don't run away anymore stay till dawn.)

Scene 4. ...a riverbank at night, cicadas, boats in the dock...
Quien dijo que todo esta perdido yo vengo a ofrecer mi corazón. Tanta sangre que se llevo el río yo vengo a ofrecer mi corazón by Fito Páez.
(Who said everything is lost I am coming to offer my heart. So much blood the river washed away, I am coming to offer my heart.)

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