Martín Weber (1968 - )

'Quisiera tener mis tierras propia', Juripucio, Jujuy, Argentina
'I would like to have my own land', Juripucio, Jujuy, Argentina

Silver gelatin photograph on paper
height: 39cm
width: 50cm

Donated by Martín Weber 2004


This photograph is part of the ongoing series of works by Martin Weber, A Map of Latin American Dreams, exhibited at The Photographers Gallery in London and the Art Exchange, University of Essex in Colchester in 2004. In this work Weber photographs a campesino (farmer) woman and her children in rural Argentina, holding up a small chalkboard on which she has written one of her greatest wishes: 'quisiera tener mis tierras propia/ I wish to have my own lands'. This photograph, like most of Weber's works, dramatizes simple truths of poverty, while highlighting the beauty and dignity of the inhabitants of the lands through which he has travelled. Here he stages the woman and her children in the central frontal plane of the picture. She wears her normal Andean woven skirt and looking directly into the camera, while her children look away in a distracted mode. Only the older boy's expression of sadness reflects the mother's own sentiments.

Weber's belief that 'dreams are real, they exist' comes from his work photographing individuals throughout Latin America. In this series, he makes 'his own map of Latin America, not of geographic boundaries or variations of terrain, but of the fragile landscape in which everyday reality lives together with secrets and dreams, reflecting on personal historical contexts'. In the photographs 'the subjects assumed an active role in their portrayals by choosing what to reveal'. In this way, Weber is an intermediary between his subjects - in this case the woman and her children - and the viewer. His photography has an immediacy and intimacy; Weber's active manipulation of his subjects gives the viewer access to a personal secret.

Hesse, Gary.' Martin Weber: A Map of Latin American Dreams', Contact Sheet, New York, 2004

Maya Luna, 2008

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