Mónica Sartori (1957 - )

Ponta de asa de anjo (1993)
Tip of an Angel's Wing

Graphite on paper
height: 216cm
width: 100cm

Donated by Mónica Sartori 1995


This is one of a series of drawings collectively titled Ponta de Asa de Anjo, produced between 1992 and 1994 and, at this time, regarded by the artist as a synthesis of her work to date. Like the drawings exhibited at the XX Bienal de São Paulo (one of which is held by ESCALA), each is an exploration of the qualities and effect of upon space of the expansively drawn line.

The 'anjos', like other titled series such as 'montanha/meditação'(mountain/meditation) and 'corpo-limite' (body-limit), are also a game between the abstract gesture and the figurative image. Recognisable forms - whether approximating fragments of landscape or the wing-tips suggested by the title - can be identified within this composition, while the abstract qualities suggested by such images (speed, flight, or space) return the viewer, circularly, to the actions used to execute them

Isobel Whitelegg, 2008

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