Mónica Sartori (1957 - )

Untitled (1989)

Ink and charcoal on paper
height: 150cm
width: 220cm

Donated by Mónica Sartori 1995


This work plays a significant role within Monica Sartori's trajectory; it is one of a series of twelve drawings exhibited when the artist was selected for the XX Bienal Internacional de São Paulo in 1989. The drawings were shown pinned to the wall, without frames. In this drawing, Sartori alternates between charcoal and china ink. The individual lines thus emphasise the inherent qualities of each medium: the speed of gesture and the depth and intensity of mark that is made possible by their differing consistencies. The large scale of the paper pushes the usually diminutive gesture of drawing towards the grandiosity of the expressively painted line. Each of Sartori's lines approximates an isolated stroke of a brush, but each drawn gesture is more deliberately executed than an expressively painted line.

Isobel Whitelegg, 2008

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