Patricio Forrester (1967 - )

Tragicómico (2002)

Oil on raquet cover
height: 80.5cm
width: 26.5cm

Donated by Patricio Grose Forrester 2003


Patricio Grose Forrester's artistic output includes photographs, paintings, films, murals, drawings, interventions and 'art to wear'. Ganador cómico / perdedor trágico belongs to a category of artworks that Forrester describes as 'painted objects.'

This example is an old tennis racket, its cover painted on each side with a self-portrait, one grinning, and one frowning. The racket is attached to a motor and as it spins the happy and sad faces merge into one another producing an unsettling image. The self-portraits derive from photographs that Forrester took in 1996 called Joker and Loser respectively. Transferred to a new medium they recall the ancient Greek juxtaposition of tragedy and comedy in art, often represented by anonymous smiling and frowning masks. As it spins, Ganador cómico / perdedor trágico perhaps reflects the futile energy we exert in representing masks of ourselves to others; a battle, or tennis game, that we play with ourselves. Like many of Forrester's works, it derives its affect from being at once funny, serious and slightly ridiculous.

Joanne Harwood, 2008

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