Regina José Galindo (1974 - )


    In Guatemala, violence is a part of everyday life. Extreme poverty, a bloody internal war, inequality in riches, the exploitation of indigenous populations and many other factors, have made Guatemala one of the most violent nations in the world. Dissected and/or mutilated bodies are also a part of the macabre episodes that sometimes take place in the country. This human perversion was a common practice during the armed conflict as the national army dismembered bodies of indigenous people during their ‘scorched earth’ operations. Currently, it is a practice common to the mareros (youth gangs) and/or to the new groups of narcotraficantes (drug traffickers) terrorising the country.

    The anatomy lesson is taught by Dr Paul Carter to a group of students. During the performance, my body is used as reference and support; the students draw on my skin the dissection lines being taught by the Professor.

    Regina José Galindo

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