Yolanda M. López (1942 - )


    The Virgin of Guadalupe was America’s first syncretic figure […] the pan-Mexican icon of motherhood and mestizaje, a transitional figure who emerged only fifteen years after the Conquest as the Christianized incarnation of Aztec earth and fertility goddess Tonantzin and heiress to Coatlicue, the ‘Lady of the Snaky Skirt’, in her role as blender of dualities.

    I feel living, breathing women also deserve the respect and love lavished on Guadalupe.

    It is a call to look at women; hard-working, enduring and mundane, as the heroines of our daily routine […] We privately agonise and sometimes publicly speak out on the representation of us in the majority culture. But what about the portrayal of ourselves in our own culture? Who are our heroes, our role models? It is dangerous for us to wait around for the dominant culture to define and validate what role models we should have.

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