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  • Siron%20Franco%2C%20%3Cem%3EMem%26oacute%3Bria%20%28Memory%29%2C%201990-1992%3C/em%3E

    Siron Franco: Spotlight talk

    12 November 2008

    Siron Franco painted Memóriain 1990-1992 in protest, after the illegal spillage of the radioactive material Cesium caused widespread death and environmental damage in his former home town in Brazil. Each week, Spotlight Talks will focus on a different work from the University's Collection of Latin American Art in the Albert Sloman Library.

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  • Latin American Film Festival

    16 June 2008 - 18 June 2008

    The Lakeside Theatre's film programme has been brought together to extend the dialogue between arts activities on campus. This Latin American festival is sponsored by the Essex Collection of Art from Latin America and complements the exhibition Trazos humanos / Human Traces at the Art Exchange. Trazos humanos / Human Traces was inspired by the 25th anniversary of the University's Human Rights Centre and the films presented here share a broad human rights focus.

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  • Wilson%20D%26iacute%3Baz%2C%20%3Cem%3EBa%26ntilde%3Bo%20en%20el%20ca%26ntilde%3Bito%20-%20fotograf%26iacute%3Ba%3C/em%3E%2C%202000

    Trazos humanos/Human Traces

    12 June 2008 - 9 July 2008

    Trazos humanos / Human Traces is inspired by the 25th Anniversary of the University of Essex Human Rights Centre which, in 2008, coincides with the 50th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), adopted and proclaimed by the General Assembly of the United Nations on December 10, 1948.  

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  • Ofelia%20Rodr%26iacute%3Bguez%2C%20%3Cem%3EWordless%20-%20with%20the%20Virgin%20of%20Guadalupe%3C/em%3E%2C%201998%3Cbr%20/%3E

    Ofelia Rodríguez: Artist talk

    12 March 2008

    Ofelia Rodríguez was born in Barranquilla on Colombia's Caribbean coast. After training at the Universidad de Los Andes, Colombia and at Yale, Ofelia settled in London where she continues to live and work.

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  • Wilson%20D%26iacute%3Baz%2C%20%3Cem%3EBa%26ntilde%3Bo%20en%20el%20ca%26ntilde%3Bito%20-%20fotograf%26iacute%3Ba%3C/em%3E%2C%202000

    Wilson Díaz: Artist film

    17 February 2008

    ESCALA presents Baño en el cañito (Bathing in the Stream)(2000), a short video by Colombian artist Wilson Diaz. 

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  • Nad%26iacute%3Bn%20Ospina%2C%3Cem%3E%20Idolo%20con%20mu%26ntilde%3Beca%3C/em%3E%2C%202000

    Dr Maria Clara Bernal: Curator's talk

    10 October 2007

    As part of a series of talks at the University focusing on art from Colombia in 2007/2008, Dr Maria Clara Bernal, Director of the postgraduate degree in Art History and Theory at the Universidad de los Andes in Bogotá, Colombia will talk about her exhibition 'Displaced: Contemporary Art from Colombia.' 

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