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  • %3Ca%20href%3D%22/collection/artists/priscilla-monge/AUTH263/proyecto-para-futbolista-angel/O704%22%20target%3D%22_blank%22%3EPriscilla%20Monge%2C%26nbsp%3B%3Cem%3EProyecto%20para%20Futbolista%20-%20Angel%3C/em%3E%2C%202000%3C/a%3E

    Nostalgia of the Body

    17 May 2005 - 4 February 2006

    Nostalgia of the Body presents new work by María Ezcurra, Carla Guagliardi and Priscilla Monge.

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  • Nicol%26aacute%3Bs%20Robbio%2C%20%3Cem%3EUntitled%3C/em%3E%2C%202003

    Four Lines: Conference

    22 April 2005 - 24 April 2005

    The April 2005 conference Four Lines: Creation. Collection. Education. Exhibition launched UECLAA Online, and situate the project in relation to aspects of the rapidly expanding field of theory and practice that comes under the rubric Latin American Art.

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  • J%3Ca%20href%3D%22/collection/artists/jorge-luis-macchi/AUTH242/buenos-aires-tour/O686%22%20target%3D%22_blank%22%3Eorge%20Macchi%2C%26nbsp%3B%3Cem%3EBuenos%20Aires%20Tour%3C/em%3E%2C%202003%3C/a%3E

    UECLAA: Redefining Maps and Locations

    12 March 2005 - 23 April 2005

    UECLAA: Redefining Maps and Locations marked the launch of the Collection's online catalogue. This exhibition explored ideas of global and local, maps, spaces and places, and the ways in which these can be endlessly redefined.

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  • Helena%20Lopes%2C%20%3Cem%3E5%3D4+1%3C/em%3E%2C%201994

    Helena Lopes: 5=4+1

    4 February 2005 - 17 May 2005

    As part of a new series of spotlight exhibitions at firstsite, Helena Lopes' twelve print series has been selected to complement the exhibition Nostalgia of the Body. Starting from an examination of part of Lopes own body, 5=4+1 becomes a meditation on the creative power of the imagination and the entwining of touch and vision.

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  • Demi%26aacute%3Bn%20Flores%20Cortes%2C%20%3Cem%3EUntitled%3C/em%3E%20from%20the%20series%20%3Cem%3ESombras%20de%20plata%3C/em%3E%2C%202001

    Arena Mexico

    9 October 2004 - 10 November 2004

    Arena Mexico: A week of events to celebrate the magic of Mexican wrestling. 

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  • lucha2UE6.jpg

    El Hijo del Santo vs Blue Panther!

    6 October 2004 - 8 October 2004

    The world of Mexican wrestling, where heroes and villains parade their physical abilities in the theatre of the ring, will be brought to Colchester to coincide with an exhibition at the Art Exchange, University of Essex, Colchester campus.

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