University Gallery, University of Essex, Colchester Campus

5 October 1998 - 13 November 1998

This exhibition showcases the work of Chilean born artist Arturo Duclos. It is one of the first exhibitions in the UK of the artist's work.

Arturo Duclos' paintings and constructions are fully integrated in the international arena, but at the same time there may be distinctive aspects of his work which invite a quite specific placing within his environment. Coded or secret visual languages play an important role in his work, and it is legitimate to ask, whether this constitutes a response to the long dictatorships in Chile following the overthrow of Allende's democratic government, a dictatorship under which Duclos spent his formative years, when "concealment and silence were the only languages once was allowed to speak."

The University of Essex provides a unique context for this exhibition, which will be an exciting and rare opportunity to make direct contact with Duclos' work.

Professor Dawn Ades

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