• José Pedro Costigliolo, Rectángulos y cuadrados CLXIV, 1976

    José Pedro Costigliolo, Rectángulos y cuadrados CLXIV, 1976

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27 September 2003 - 31 October 2003

This exhibition celebrates the tenth anniversary of the Essex Collection of Art from Latin America (ESCALA).

Alternating Currents refers to the dynamic relationship between modern art in Latin America and modernism in Europe, as well as to the extraordinarily diverse strands within Latin American art. Each room of the exhibition will contain works grouped around a particular theme. Geometric abstraction has a strong and distinctive character in Latin America, with its own history and links to the art and architecture of Pre-Columbian America. Rich veins of popular art and craft feed into contemporary practice, in striking contrast to the strong tradition of academic drawing and painting. Surrealism in Latin America overlaps with hyper-realism and is informed by the long-standing familiarity with psychoanalytical ideas in Latin America. Visual artists have long been engaged with Latin America's turbulent political history and there is an outstanding tradition of political print-making, while satirical themes are widespread. Contemporary artists from Latin America have made a powerful impact internationally in recent years, and examples of experimental, conceptual and object-based works will conclude the exhibition.

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