University Gallery, University of Essex, Colchester Campus

13 November 1995 - 15 December 1995

Continuum, Brazilian Art:1960s-1990s, represents an important aspect of UECLAA, the University of Essex Collection of Latin American Art.

Continuum includes material from the existing holding as well as a number of important new donations. The names of Carla Guagliardi, Cildo Meireles, Cristina Salgado, Martha Niklaus, Milton Machado and Sonia Labouriau, have been added to our collection of Brazilian art as a result. Many donations have been carefully selected to suit a European collection of Latin American art, and to highlight the way in which such a collection can subvert the traditional clichéd view of the relationship between the two continents, whereby ideas, culture, power and influence flow from Europe to Latin America. 

The exhibition was curated by Paula Terra-Neale. 

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