University Gallery, University of Essex, Colchester Campus

23 February 1998 - 30 November 1998

Incidental Music features works produced by Jorge Macchi during his residencies in Rotterdam and London. This exhibition was the first collaboration between UECLAA and Macchi.

The installation Incidental Music was produced during nine months in London at Delfina Studios, and the other works, Parallel lives and Accident in Rotterdam were made at the Duene Artists Initiative in Rottedam. Part of the meaning of these works can be found in Macchi’s personal biography, in a series of events which led him to these places, but rather than trying to ‘decode’ the works into a single reading, the work gains from an understanding of the multiple possibilities for reading which are produced in the spectator.

In his various residencies, Macchi has managed to project some of his internal world onto his surroundings rather than trying to uncover some external truth about the place he is at. Macchi places himself, as a spectator, observing the passage of life around him, before finally making a small intervention which results in the work. In Incidental Music the background of everyday violence filtered through the British press is registered and transposed into visual and aural form.

Gabriel Pérez Barreiro

Interview with Jorge Macchi at University Gallery

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