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  • Raúl Piña: El conejo está o es muerto?

    28 March 2003 - 31 May 2003

    In March 2001 ESCALA commissioned Raúl Piña to create a site-specific installation in the foyer of the Albert Sloman Library entitled ¿El conejo está o es muerto?(The rabbit is or is dead?).

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  • Annarr%26ecirc%3B%20Smith%2C%20%3Cem%3EV.I.%3C/em%3E%2C%201994

    Modernity and Identity

    7 November 2002 - 3 December 2002

    The works in this exhibition are an encounter between two perspectives on the contemporary city. The city as an image to be viewed, as design, map or plan, and the city as a site, a delimited piece of land, defined by a particular geography with reference to which buildings are implanted, and complex architectures elaborated. The architecture of the city should ideally lie where site and image meet at the level of human necessity. But in the contemporary Latin American city it is rarely so.

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  • Mariana%20Yampolsky%2C%26nbsp%3B%3Cem%3EDesde%20que%20te%20ausentaste%20%28Since%20you%20left%20us%29%3C/em%3E%2C%201980


    3 October 2002 - 9 November 2002

    Across, beyond, through, the etymology of the prefix trans- forms a broad thematic concept bringing together the works selected for Transit. Using this theme to approach the art works in this exhibition, a concept of translation emerges, in transit, between two different, but interconnected, interpretations. Transit suggests a way of making good the distance involved in the practice of displaying and discussing art from Latin America in England by suggesting that dislocation can be productive, that displacement is informative.

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  • León Ferrari: The Architecture of Madness

    3 July 2002 - 13 July 2002

    Born in 1920, León Ferrari initially trained as an engineer, only deciding to become an artist in his forties. Self-taught, Ferrari has become one of Latin America's foremost conceptual artists.

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  • Alex%20Gama%2C%20%3Cem%3ETrama%20XXXI%3C/em%3E%2C%201987

    Alex Gama

    5 April 2002 - 27 May 2002

    The exhibition, selected by former ESCALA curator Gabriela Salgado, consisted of a group of twenty works in a variety of media, including a number of his abstract prints and drawings held by ESCALA. Three wood blocks used for printing will complete the display in order to encourage understanding of the working process.

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  • %3Ca%20href%3D%22/collection/artists/carlos-hermosilla/AUTH210/autoretrato/O535%22%20target%3D%22_blank%22%3ECarlos%20Hermosilla%2C%20%3Cem%3EAutorretrato%3C/em%3E%2C%201942%3C/a%3E

    Works on Paper by Carlos Hermosilla Alvarez

    30 May 2001 - 30 June 2001

    The exhibition pays homage to one of Chile's most interesting visual artists of the twentieth century, Carlos Hermosilla Alvarez.

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