• Albano Afonso, O Impostor após La Tour, 2003

    Albano Afonso, O Impostor após La Tour, 2003

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1 January 2006 - 1 June 2006

UECLAAcross is an exhibition of works selected from the holdings of the Essex Collection of Art from Latin America in collaboration with research staff across different academic departments and research centres within the University of Essex.

Focusing attention upon our existing display space at the Albert Sloman Library, the exhibition acknowledges a building used by staff, students and visitors representing a diverse range of interests. An accompanying guide includes commentaries on selected works by the four members of staff who have given their time to considering how works held by UECLAA reflect upon their respective disciplines.

The works are displayed in the balcony foyers of each of the upper floors of the Albert Sloman Library, thus located in proximity to Library holdings relevant to the subject area that each work touches upon. For this inaugeral UECLAAcross exhibition the subject areas represented are Psychology, Sociology, Human Rights and Art History.

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