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24 February 2011

This event is part of the exhibition programme for Intimate Bureaucracies: Art and the Mail. In this talk-performance Ginzburg will 'quote' his 1960s and 1970s practice in which 'the whole talk will be like a talk

Ginzburg was a member of the renowned Argentine organisation CAyC - the Centro de Arte y Comunicación (Centre for Art and Communication) which used the post to distribute mailed exhibitions and publicity about Argentine conceptual art.

Ginzburg's practice shows an extraordinary engagement with the mail system. He says: 'inspired by my friend, 'master' and elder, Vigo, I utilised the post office for conceptual art'. Ginzburg sent 'letter bombs' and carried out performances over long periods of time in which he would address letters to himself and have them destroyed at post offices, or visit destinations 'so it was me that travelled and not the letter'.

For more information about CAyC see the V&A's the Factory Presents blog where Melanie Lenz, the V&A's Curator of Digital Art, discusses a number of artworks in the V&A's collection made by artists in CAyC (updated 5/10/16).


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