• Jorge Orta at University Gallery, University of Essex

    Jorge Orta at University Gallery, University of Essex

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Jorge Orta: Life Nexus


A Wellcome Trust funded project awarded to Professor Valerie Fraser, School of Philosophy and Art History, and Professor Nelson Fernández, Department of Biological Sciences, and with the support of the firstsite and Colchester Borough Council.

Life Nexus is an evolving inter-disciplinary project combining art, science and philosophy by process of co-creation on an international scale. It demonstrates Jorge Orta’s belief that art’s relationship with society should be challenged and investigated. He believes that art must serve as a bond and that the artist’s job is to link us together. To this end, this project focuses on the human heart at both a literal and a metaphorical level: as a human organ – raising public awareness of scientific issues such as organ donation and transplantation and as a metaphor – in the caring sense of ‘have a heart’, in relation to empathy and feelings.

The research project was accompanied by the exhibition Life Nexus in the UK: A Question of Heart at the University Gallery, University of Essex from 2 October - 27 October 2001.

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